Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Happy Thursday!

1. I finally got a chance to dig into the latest issue of Runner's World this week. I always feel like they have such good timing with their articles, like they tapped right into my brain and said, "Let's write about this just for Sarah." ...hey a girl can dream right?

2. I keep coming up with new recipes to share on the blog, but the same thing happens every time... I get excited, I buy ingredients, I cook, and then realize I forgot to write down any kind of measurements. I tend to go by taste and guesstimates. I'll work on that.

3. Please listen to this song and download immediately. I adore Sara Bareilles and think shes such badass and a talented artist, so I was pumped when she released her new album. Most of the songs are slower, but I've been loving "Brave" as a new addition to my workout playlist. The music video is fun too.

4. I was worried after pushing it a bit too hard last week that there would be a lingering tightness/ache in my knee this week but have been pleasantly surprised. I've only done a couple of workouts so far and kept it easy to be safe, but for the most part no knee issues.

Monday: 3 miles (5 min WU, intervals of 8 min run/1 min walk, 3 min CD)
Wednesday: Spin class

5. A small dose of inspiration courtesy of Pinterest. I love this.


Explore the best that you can be, push those limits to be better and clear your mind of can't.

Are you a recipe person or go-with-the-flow when it comes to cooking/baking?

Recently discovered pump-up or workout song that you're loving? 

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