Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

I am all kinds of set with the rain in Boston this week. It just makes me want to curl up on my couch, watch a movie and nap. Unfortunately, when you have this thing called a job, that's not usually possible. Silly, real world.

In other news, it's Thursday, which means tomorrow is Friday, and hey... that's pretty cool.

1. Last Friday my favorite black and gold men swept the Penguins to advance to the Stanley Cup Final. It all still feels a little surreal to me, especially when the series against Toronto seems like forever ago, yet I remember the 2011 playoffs like it was yesterday. I will also admit that I was a total Negative Nancy and NEVER thought we'd sweep Pittsburgh. So, so excited be watching the Bruins play for the Cup again so soon. I will say, however, that with these 8pm starts I'd rather we knock it off with these multiple OT games. Yes, I'm an old woman, I like my sleep.

Celebrating a sweep!

2. Due to said multiple OT games and less than 5 hours of sleep last night, caffeine has been my BFF. Have you guys ever seen a trenta size Starbucks before? Not even on the menu. Hello excessive black tea lemonade heaven. 

Minion for size comparison. Love me some Despicable Me.

3. Multiple people have found this blog by searching "and yet I do it anyway because." ...Interesting.

4. After about a month off from running completely and any kind of treatment for my knee, I made the decision earlier this week to try a new PT. Being down and out without running has been hard enough, but once I started to feel the nagging ache during or after things like standing for log periods of time, circuit training or even crossing my legs while sitting, I was all done. It seriously sucks to feel helpless. Thankfully my appointment this week went really well and I'm crossing my fingers (toes, arms...) that they can help fix me.

5. Sometimes I dream about what it will be like when I'm able to run again. I'm fairly sure my imagination vs. reality will resemble something like:


No, but really. Remind me when I'm complaining about being out of running shape how badly I wanted to be able to run again, mmmkay?

If you're a blogger, what's the most interesting search term someone's used to find your blog?

Favorite rainy day activity?

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