Thursday, January 17, 2013

Forrest Gumping & an Apology to Cho

Monday - Rest
Tuesday - 5.5 mi
Wednesday - Rest

In the past couple of weeks I've changed my usual running schedule up a bit and started doing shorter, easier runs on Sundays and using Monday as a rest day. I've really enjoyed this change for a few reasons:
  • Running on Sunday gives my legs a good shakeout after Saturday's long runs
  • There's no pressure on scheduling a run, just go when I have the chance
  • Having Mondays off allows me to ease into the week better - no pressure to add fitting in a run to my already long to-do list

We'll see how long this lasts. 

Tuesday morning I "Forrest Gumped" a friend's long run, joining Cat for 5 of her 10 miles. Best new running term ever, huh? Try it, all the cool kids are doing it.

Ignore the first mile split - this was more of me sprinting around the
area attempting to keep warm before meeting Cat. Sorry to the nice
older man I almost ran into in the process. Awkward.

Confession: I owe Chobani an apology.

When I first tried Greek yogurt probably a year and a half ago now, I hated it. Looking back, I know I was being unfair and really didn't give it a fighting chance. My taste buds have changed so much in the past several years (especially away from excessively sugary things) that I should've known I would grow to love it. Instead, I swore it off and gave people dirty looks in the grocery store as they stock-piled those cute little cups into their carts.

I started easing Greek yogurt into my diet late this past summer when I discovered overnight oats as a quick and easy breakfast option, but continued to mask the taste by adding in fruit, peanut butter, etc.

This past Monday while grocery shopping for the week I noticed that Chobani was on sale 10 for $10. I gave in (once I made sure no one was looking) and grabbed a few flavors to try out.


Surprise! I'm in love. I've eaten the Strawberry and Strawberry Banana flavors for breakfast the past couple of days with a small handful of Kashi GOLEAN Crunch on top. Delightful.

So, Chobani, I'm sorry for doubting you and judging you before I really got to know you. I was wrong. I hope you can forgive me and we can be the best of friends.

Assuming you're all much wiser than I am, you're already in love with Greek yogurt/Cho. So help me out...

What are your favorite flavors?
Any exciting recipes using Greek yogurt that you're dying to share?

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  1. We're so happy you changed your tune! That's the best thing we've heard all day. It's hard for us to pick a favorite flavor...that'd be like asking a parent to pick a favorite child. Try 'em all, we say!