Monday, August 26, 2013

A Tired Birthday Girl

Three days later, I'm finally getting a chance to sit down and scroll through the many Happy Birthday wall posts that so nicely graced my Facebook page on Saturday. Truthfully, as much as I appreciate the social media love, my weekend was as far removed from the wonderful world of the web as it has been in a long time... and I'm OK with that.

In the few seconds that I feel like I have had to myself in the past several days, I wondered how I would write this post. Recapping a weekend packed with 25th birthday celebrations and time spent with family celebrating the life of my Grandmother and Uncle. I can't say that those were two events that I was looking forward to pairing together, but it wasn't about me and I was grateful in the end to be surrounded by the people who mean the most.

So, for now, I'm choosing not to write any lengthy recaps, and leaving you with a simple birthday photo and a promise that I will share more soon. For now, this tired birthday girl is getting some much needed sleep and enjoying time with her family that doesn't involve plans scheduled down to the minute.


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