Tuesday, March 19, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Weekend

2013 is the first year since living in Boston that I've been in the city for St. Patrick's Day. I can't tell you how many times that made people gasp this past weekend... "What do you mean you've never been in Boston for St. Patty's celebrations?!"

Regardless, this year I was excited to be in town and embrace whatever small fraction of Irish I might have in me. Although, I would like to petition for new holiday colors. I don't own a whole lot of green, which makes it kind of inconvenient to fully embrace the spirit. Don't worry, I'm only half kidding, please don't stone me.

I started the weekend early, embracing Pi Day on Thursday with a 3.14 mile run. Don't let that lap pace fool you, that was my sprinting effort to get home and warm up. That whole changing-up-my-apparel-to-embrace-spring thing was a little premature. I don't actually run a 7:43 mile.

Birthday celebrations Friday night were followed by a Saturday morning 7-miler, Wrentham shopping adventures, Big-East Championship games and a Sunday full of Southie St. Patty's shenanigans with friends.

How did you celebrate your St. Patrick's Day?

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